A Trip to Eddie’s Attic for a Willie Sugarcapps Show

The first time I had the privilege of seeing Willie Sugarcapps was directly after their self-titled debut release, “Willie Sugarcapps”, became available on vinyl. The show at The Soul Kitchen in Mobile, Alabama that evening was met with enthusiasm and excitement by an audience of loyal fans of this newly formed ensemble originating only months earlier at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm in the charming country community of Silverhill, Alabama. In the months that followed, I continued to attend Willie Sugarcapps shows, as well as shows by each individual band member – Will Kimbrough, Sugarcane Jane’s Anthony and Savana Lee Crawford, Grayson Capps, and Corky Hughes, with growing appreciation of their talents.

In 2014, The Southland Music Line named Willie Sugarcapps as our Music Artist of the Year. Over the years, we have written several articles about each member of the band. Stephen Anderson created hundreds of outstanding photographs, and Robby Amonett has captured some of his most successful work on canvas featuring this most loved group of musicians. It can be easily said that Will, Anthony, Savana, Grayson and Corky have been a major part of what we set out to do five years ago at “The Line”. Speaking to Willie Sugarcapps, from all of us, thank you.

Eddie's Attic Decatur, GA

On the evening of Sunday, September 2, 2018 several Gulf Coast fans traveled to the famous Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia (outside Atlanta) to attend a Willie Sugarcapps show. They were wrapping up a series of shows which included a performance at Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Cafe. Though I had seen everyone numerous times individually in the last couple years, it had been awhile since I had enjoyed a show by all of them together as Willie Sugarcapps. I felt that one of my favorite venues in the South would be a great place to enjoy such a show and my decision couldn’t have been more right. Quite frankly, I believe it was one of their very best shows. Something special comes alive when these five hit the stage together at a place like Eddie’s Attic – maybe it is a bit of old-fashioned magic, but regardless it was one of the best evenings of music I’ve enjoyed in 2018.

enthusiastic crowd cheers for willie sugarcapps

Looking Back: How I Came To Learn About Willie Sugarcapps

In 2012, I was asked by Stephen Anderson and Robby Amonett to come to Jack’s by the Tracks, in Pascagoula, to see a duo called Sugarcane Jane. They said this guy named Anthony Crawford used to tour and record with Neil Young. After a moment or two, I responded: “Didn’t he also use to tour with Steve Winwood?” To make a long story short, I remembered Crawford from his days with Neil’s bands like The Shocking Pinks and the International Harvesters, his days with Winwood and others. It was in part because of my trip to see Anthony and Savana at Jack’s by the Tracks that The Southland Music Line was formed, which further led me to become a fan of all the members of Willie Sugarcapps and encouraged my interest in the Gulf Coast’s incredible music scene, which includes venues such as The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm, Callaghan’s, The Listening Room, and of course, Jack’s and how could one forget the nice, big, growing family of like-minded music fans.

Anthony Crawford playing guitar

Though I continue to travel abroad in search of great music, my heart and mind never drift far from what takes place across the Gulf Coast, which I look forward to enjoying more of in the months and years to come.

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