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Tired Dog Rescue is a Mississippi dog rescue ran out of foster homes that focuses on the overlooked adoptables in the dog world.


In 2008, Terry Maguire added a cocker spaniel to her family.  Exploring information on the breed, Maguire came across a forum titled Zims.  There she saw a rescue section and clicking on it she could not believe her eyes: hundreds of cocker spaniels were in need of rescue and what’s more many were in dire straits.  Blown away by how many spaniels were in shelters, Maguire knew that her next canine friend would come from a shelter—the need was simply too great.

While there is nothing wrong with breeders, many buyers are now finding joy in saving animals that have been abandoned by owners or have health problems that make adoption difficult for most owners.

Joining the forum, Maguire and her husband soon found themselves driving from Mississippi to Georgia to rescue a cocker spaniel they later named Nick.  Nick was in bad shape, so Maguire nursed him back to health, adopted him out, and just kept going.  She has never looked back.

Terry has a passion for taking in the dogs that often in the worst shape.  She works to build trust and confidence in her canine charges but sometimes this isn’t easy.  Her longest case took a full three years before she was able to get one pup to a state that he could be adopted.

What they’re about:

Her rescue became known as Tired Dog Rescue, and the organization follows her view that helping a dog takes time.  Tired Dog Rescue, she notes, does not take dogs in with the expectation of getting them adopted immediately. They focus on the quality of aid they can provide not simply adopting out dogs rapidly.

They don’t want to adopt a dog out only to learn that the dog was not ready for a family.  Saving takes time.  Many take for granted the friendliness and acceptance that our furry friends offer us.  Often times, for dogs that have been neglected or mistreated, we have to show them the love that they show us.

Giving back:

Tired Dog Rescue is also about giving back.

After Louisiana’s flooding disaster of August 2016, Tired Dog Rescue partnered with similar charities and veterinary clinics to transport items to flood victims, their pets, and animal rescue organizations.

Amazingly their rescue operations have even reached thousands of miles outside the country to eastern Europe.  A homeless dog from Serbia recently took a circuitous route to Mississippi via land and sea.  He is now being welcomed by people ready to show love and compassion in south Mississippi.

Dog adoption process:

Tired Dog Rescue has an extensive adoption process that helps ensure the dog is going to a loving home.
When taking in a dog, they provide whatever medical care is needed regardless of the cost. They spay or neuter each dog. They make sure the dog is heartworm negative and current on vaccinations before being placed.
When someone first decides to adopt, they must fill out an application stating where they live, any other pets, and if they have young children.
Once the application gets approved, a phone interview is conducted to further assess the adoption candidate. After that, a home visit is scheduled so Tired Dog Rescue can make sure the house and yard are well equipped for a dog.
They also do vet checks with vets you’ve previously used to make sure you’ve taken care of any other animals you have had.

How you can help:

Terry notes that, through community outreach, they have saved thousands of animals.  Moreover, they have helped owners find companions that become family.

Tired Dog Rescue helps the entire south Mississippi region, and there are ways that we can help them continue to thrive.

They have an annual duck derby benefit at Gulf Islands waterpark to support their charity.  This event is fun for the entire family at a setting that is perfect for cooling down in the summer heat.

Foster parents for the pups are also needed.  If you want to help take care of an animal before they are adopted, Tired Dog Rescue will help you do that.  It is a great way to help and, who knows, you may find the friend you’ve been looking for.

Tired Dog rescuers often fall victim to a condition known as “foster fail.”  This happens when the foster parent ends up keeping the fostered pet!  Tired Dog Rescue also has merchandise available to purchase, which helps spread the word. Donations are also accepted on their website.

To see previous cases, adoptable animals, and all this amazing charity has to offer, visit their website at, or check them out on facebook at

You will not be disappointed.  I know, because I recently found my newest family member and best friend through Tired Dog Rescue.


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