Avengers League

Follow the Gulf Coast Avengers League as they travel from Louisiana to Florida promoting the Heroclix, the best selling miniatures game in the world.

StumbleThru RPG

Each month new players meet with a different DM to learn an RPG system they’ve never played before. They review the system and provide insight to what players can expect.

Art Stream

Talented artists along the Gulf Coast demonstrate their techniques step by step while producing impressive pieces of art.

Model Kit Gundam

Mississippi Gundam & Gunpla Builders Group review model kits and demonstrate techniques to get the most out of your model.

maCnarB Electronic Football League

Created in 1949, this marvel of gaming ingenuity was the closest thing you could get to football in the den with friends.  A new league is forming soon and maCnarB gaming located in Gautier, MS is looking for folks who love to try new games.  Compete each month to secure your team’s spot in the big game where a trophy is awarded to the top player.

For more information contact Craig Patterson

Cyphacon April 8-10th

CyPhaCon is Southwest Louisiana’s premier Anime, Gaming and Scifi convention, brought to you by CYPHA LLC.