Cooking With Hurley Ray & Chuck Collection


In the summer of 2007 best friends Hurley Ray Guillotte & Chuck were approached by WKFK Channel 7’s, at the time General Manager, Tammy Moore to do a local cooking show.  Starting as a regular cooking show, the pair instantly became local celebrities and were invited to many events that were eventually featured on the show.  The series slowly shifted from cooking demonstrations and into promoting small businesses dealing with the food industry.  Episodes featured iconic locations such as Bozo’s Seafood in Pascagoula, MS and even charitable events meant to raise money for local causes.  In 2010, Chuck left the show due to schedule conflicts and aggravation from management and after a hiatus the show was rebranded “Cooking With Hurley Ray & Friends.”  Initially each episode featured a guest, usually a host from another WKFK produced show or local politician, that would accompany Hurley Ray visiting a myriad of locations including local festivals.  This continued for one season until the show failed to attract sponsors and went into indefinite reruns for several years with a yearly episode shot of Hurley Ray visiting the Gautier Mullet Festival.  In 2016, shortly after filming an episode at that year’s Mullet Festival, that focused around a cooking competition, the show was removed from the schedule and the final episode never to be aired.