Why Advertise with GulfCoast.stream?

We Offer The Content Your Customers Want To Watch

We work with producers across the coast to build a catalog of productions ranging from short films to cooking segments.  We want to serve as a hub for content produced in your backyard.  Help us promote our stories by letting us promote your brand!  We currently offer two promotional packages available for a limited time for 2018.

2018 Promotional Packages

Local Heroes Podcast

We’ve partnered with the GI Museum of Gautier, MS to bring their award winning television series to a new medium.  We’re preparing to release 50 of their previous episodes as a Podcast and begin filming new episodes for 2018.  The show features men and women who served on the front lines from WWII to the present day military campaigns.

GulfCoast.stream Podcast

We’ve launched a new podcast series interviewing people in the film industry.  We cover how they got started, production process, and distribution of their end product.  This is an entertaining behind the scenes look into the mind of producers that is also educational for those interested in progressing their own productions.

Website Ad Space

Each of our Series pages and any page that features content to watch or read features an area for 125×125 ads to be placed.  Take advantage of the New Year Special Packages, as these spots will be individually sold in the future.

Social News

One of the most effective methods to get information to the public is through short infographic videos featuring text.  Facebook users share these videos everyday in abundance without a second thought and our previous videos promoting events and artists have been very successful.

The Short Story

Supporting GulfCoast.stream means supporting a community of producers and growing the industry, but we reach out to many individuals along the coast to promote their projects and businesses.  Everyone sponsor is listed in the credits of our “The Short Story” series featuring a mini-doc format of small businesses or individuals.  We’ve had great success with this series with over 20,000 combined views among our videos.

Monthly Business Video

Advertising with GulfCoast.stream monthly means having a production team on call for special events and opportunities.  We want to interact with you and promote your business or organization every chance we can.  For Premium Sponsors we’ll come out to your location and film up to a minute segment to share online.  This can be a cooking segment, commercial, or anything else that could fit within a minute.

Social Media Credit

Along with a featured spot in everything else listed, we’ll also tag your business in shoutouts and promotions on our Facebook page to drive our fans to your services or products.

Charter Kings Credit

Charter Kings is our flagship original program.  Premium sponsors will be featured in the show at the previous $500 Tier, which includes a closing credit, featured product, and branded clothing.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in advertising with GulfCoast.stream, please contact us today with any questions.