Killer Kudzu

Killer Kudzu is a campy scifi horror flick where the town of Oxford has become overran by a lab experiment gone awry causing the Kudzu to take on a mind of its own and begin attacking the inhabitants.  This all takes place in the backdrop of the Mayor’s mission to win Pretty Little City award.  Now it’s up to a somewhat awkwardly forced ban of misfits to find a solution to their botanical problem before it’s too late.

Directed by Meaghin Burke with story written by Felicity Flesher and Casey Dillard, this fun film makes up for its blocky nearly incoherent script with Matthew Graves cinematography set to a score that takes you back to older scifi/horror such Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks and Barry Sonnenfeld’s first Men In Black.  The film is a treat with a great aesthetic to most shots and lighting maintaining an open feeling despite many scenes featuring enclosed spaces such as a bedroom, hallways, and offices.

The cast is one of the best elements of the film.  The wide variety of characters and one liners make up for somewhat less than great deliveries.  The Mayor was a standout character as his dialogue was always funny or delivered in a way you could tell he was distracted with his own goals and would leave the towns people to make it on their own, but without being a stereotypical villain, just incompetent in a humorous manner.

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