Tex-Mex Brisket Buttery Tender and Easy to Make

Taco Recipe

Smoky Ribs BBQ host Rus Jones smokes a beef brisket flat buttery tender enough for pulling. Steeped in a peppery cilantro-cumin mix, this smoked, braised brisket is an excellent base for tacos that give a nod of appreciation to Tex-Mex.

Of course, Rus makes the recipe and cooking process special by not cutting away the fat cap and by braising the beef for three hours in a braising pan rather than in foil. Worcestershire, black pepper, salt, cumin, chipotle power, bay leaf, onion, garlic, poblano, and cilantro, along with a generous portion of beef broth, make a welcoming bath for the meat.

As always, Rus brings the best equipment to the task–a tight smoker at home under a backyard tent–and quality beef—USDA Choice Angus. After three hours of smoking, the brisket is a beautiful mahogany, dark around the edges, and ready for braising in Rus’s marinade.

Three more hours in, the meat is tender to the eye, fingers, and mouth, and Rus serves it up on hot grilled flour “street” tortillas with home-made pico de gallo, topped with Cotija cheese, “Mexicana Crema,” and a squirt of lime. This refreshing relish provides an appropriate complement to the well-cooked Angus.

There may be other ways to make this soulful, mouthwatering treat, but Rus’ process in this video shows that one way to get a moist beef brisket taco is in not trimming the fat!

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