Why You Don’t Feel INCREDIBLY Fulfilled…

When writing a sequel for a movie years later, the most important aspect is catching the newcomers up to speed, and skewing towards the current time periods’ sensitivities. Pixar’s new feature “The Incredibles 2” did a fantastic job at both by dropping moviegoers right in the action. The opening battle scene was packed with action picking up right were the super-family left off, immediately captivating younger audience members and their parents. With slight adult innuendos and wholesome family values this film had something for everyone.

This strategy worked to bring back in original viewers, but then comes the challenge of politically pleasing this new age of spectators who bring every complaint to social media. To this movie’s credit there was almost no outrage, across all mediums. But, why? Because every character that was of any serious consequence was female.

The start of the film was focused on Violets love interest getting his mind wiped clean. Elastia Girl was the main crime fighter trying to improve the supers’ reputations. The hero from the outside, was a teenage super-girl named Void. Along with the main villain, Evelyn Deavor, this makes a fatal-four-way of feminist propaganda. This message being shoved down the audience’s throat was the chief catalyst for less than positive reviews. There is only one reason why this is a problem: females garner too much sympathy males!


Concern was the chief emotion when Evelyn flew out a decompressed airplane cockpit, not joy! Why? Because she was relatable and, in part, justified. Her hatred towards supers, her understandable anger at her brother for lack of recognition, these things don’t make a hated character. Does this taint the movie? Absolutely not! This movie was funny, light-hearted, and had a solid story. But, empowering Evelyn to be hated, then allowing her to receive her comeuppance would do for a better climax than what occurred.

Directors must look at the qualities that people despise. Giving those traits to your villains, both male and female, will make their downfall that much tastier to the viewers. All that’s left to ask is, will Violet make it in time for the previews with Tony? Hopefully, we find out in Incredibles 3.

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