Tim Burke and Nate Murr of KDG, Demo “The Apparition Bag”

Tim Burke meets with Nate Murr to go over the design and demonstrate the features of KDG’s new “apparition bag”. The KDG Apparition Pack is designed to be as “common” looking as possible. This pack can easily exist among all the other travel back packs that are filled with flannel, yoga pants, beef jerky and granola. The only difference is that instead of trail mix, this bag has the ability to carry copious amounts gear and a 10.5 inch or shorter SBR, 16″ carbines equipped with a Law Folding adapter, or standard AR-15 carbine broken down!

The exterior of the Apparition is clean and has a two tone fabric accent. KDG chose to go with a bright vibrant red, which has been a mainstay color of the backpacking community for decades. Who can’t recall seeing a red backpack in high school or college? On the sides of the bag are (2) water bottle sized pockets and above them, near the top are cinch straps that allow you to secure a photography (or shooting) tripod, walking sticks, etc. Beside each water bottle pocket is a zipper that opens to a small compartment to store a cell phone, wallet, First aid kit, compact pistol or like items.

On the bottom of the bag there is a stowable rain fly so that your bag and contents are not soaked in a sudden down pour. It also changes the color of the bag instantly. The bag features a coffin shaped design on the front pocket of this pack. It is pleated, and has a vertical zipper on the right side of the pocket. The pocket is sized to carry items that you would need readily available, such as a Ipad Mini, kindle, books, passports and the like.

The next pocket is generously sized, and has full length zippers with double pull tabs. This pocket is lined with loop to allow customization with various hook backed pouches or holsters. It can also carry an additional short upper for the carbine if you need to switch your weapons application. Inside the front of the pocket you will find a zippered mesh pocket, sized to carry small loose items. The top of this compartment has a tube pass-thru slot, so that a hydration bladder can be used and kept separate from sharper items.

In the main compartment you fill find plenty of room for your carbine or SBR. On the back side of the zippered flap, there are two pockets with bungee keepers sized for 5.56mm rifle Magazines. Above it is an additional zippered pocked to house NODs and like sized items. On the back panel of the main compartment, there is a full length field of loop to use the included hook securing straps. These adjustable keepers allow you to lash the weapon down in the bag or secure your 16 inch gun broken down into two pieces. There are two additional flat straps to secure items to the pack, adding to the versatility of this design.

There is an added extension compartment on the bottom of the pack, which increases the length of the main compartment. This allows you to put a longer barrel weapon, such as a full side SCAR or suppressor equipped SBR into the bag while maintaining concealment. The waist belt and pack straps are padded and have air mesh on the surfaces that touch the body. The pack straps have load lifters and are adjustable for the majority of torso lengths. The waist belt has storage pockets on them as well, perfect for a snack bar, spare mag or flex cuffs. The user can choose to remove the belt if desired. Overall capacity Approximately 1200 Cubic inches. Main Pocket: With out extended bottom 27″ With extended bottom 33″

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