“Surf and Turf” Grilled Tangerine Lobster and Steak

Get the best of land and sea with this tangy Surf and Turf meal!

Rus Jones shows us a new take on grilled steak and lobster with a citrus and spice twist. The steak is a “Cowboy Steak” bone-in rib-eye cooked over indirect heat on charcoal using a Reverse Sear technique and seasoned with Lawry’s Season Salt. Afterwards, Maine lobster tails are prepped with sea salt, black pepper, and “Not Ketchup”‘s Tangerine and Hatch Chile sauce for a truly unique flavor.

This tantalizing combination lets you experience new and unexpected flavors in a classic dish. Impress your friends’ refined palates, or enjoy alongside your neighbors with a cold ale.

Tangerine & Hatch Chile and other sauces from “Not Ketchup” can be ordered via their website.

Original music for the Smoky Ribs channel written and performed by Chad Austin Parker.

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