Jaimee Parties On A Mardi Gras Float

Long Beach Mardi Gras Parade, Mississippi [EP 13]

The mission of this show – MS Congeniality – is to showcase cool people doing cool things in Mississippi. We’re showing you the most interesting people who defy Mississippi stereotypes.

And what could be cooler than Mardi Gras! Here in Mississippi we do it in our own mostly family-friendly, “Country Gras” kind of way. Have you ever wondered what it is like from the top of a Mardi Gras float? Well this week we bit the bullet and climbed up there to find out. We got to ride with the Krewe of Many Handz, who were so generous they gave me one of those flashy, mouth guard thingys! We met everyone from teenagers to old men, and found out what you can and can not throw from a Mardi Gras float. By the way, spears…totally allowed to throw those, who’d have thought!?

I had so much fun hanging out at the night parade in Long Beach. I hope this video entertains you and reminds you that having Mardi Gras is just about having a good time. Something that is very needed in our busy lives. So take a break, slice yourself some of that king cake, and hit play!

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