Charter Kings Coming Soon

Join captains from across the Gulf Coast on this adventure series showcasing the rewards and challenges of being a boat for hire. Our camera crew follows charter captains from Mississippi & Alabama documenting their travels and provide an inside look into this infamous career. The audience will be entertained by the antics of the cast as success and drama unfold throughout the season.

Charter Kings

It is our hope that the audience will grow to appreciate the personalities and guests that appear on the program. In turn, this will not only promote the charter boat industry, but many others that thrive off the same customer bases in their communities. Our featured captains are knowledgeable professionals who will provide educational entertainment for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

Sponsorship for this program will be kept limited to provide a focus on content. Those choosing to be part of the show will receive credit in various locations, have products featured on the program, and even make an appearance.

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