Jaimee Interviews Trigger Time TV Producer Troy Alan Guillotte

Martini-Making Gun Show TV Host in Gautier, Mississippi – MS Congeniality [EP 4]

The mission of this show – MS Congeniality – is to showcase cool people doing cool things in Mississippi. We’re showing you the most interesting people on the Coast who defy Mississippi stereotypes.

Troy Alan Guillotte is the host and executive producer of his show, Trigger Time TV. Trigger Time is all about teaching correct firearm techniques while showcasing the coolest gun technology around. There’s more to Troy than his guns though, he’s also a first time father, devoted husband, and serious martini maker. He lives a tough life right off the golf course and pitches business ideas like they’re going out of style.

In today’s show, we drop by Troy’s house, hit the green, and experience our first hijacking, as the Trigger Time TV Host tries to take over! You won’t want to miss this hilarious episode of MS Congeniality.

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