Brenda Blount and Jaimee Dorris

The mission of this show – MS Congeniality – is to showcase cool people doing cool things in Mississippi. We’re showing you the most interesting people on the Coast who defy Mississippi stereotypes.

Brenda Blount is a style guru with big hair and an even bigger personality. Her roots all big city, but her heart has made its home here in Mississippi. As a former fashion curator for the Beau Rivage, Brenda has a giant home collection of iconic, high fashion, to-die-for pieces. In fact, we couldn’t fit all the footage of it in this episode if we tried…(and believe me we tried!)

However, there’s more to Brenda than just her clothes. She is a Zumba instructor, etiquette teacher, and all around role model for women. In this episode, we experience Brenda’s one of a kind country home, have a fashion show, learn some manners and even do a little dancing. You won’t want to miss this fun and fabulous episode of MS Congeniality.

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