Jaime Jumps In with Vinnie Beatz

The mission of this show – MS Congeniality – is to showcase cool people doing cool things in Mississippi. We’re showing you the most interesting people on the Coast who defy Mississippi stereotypes.

Vincent Absher, AKA Vinnie Beatz, is an audio engineer, sound producer, and owner of a sweet home in Gulfport. He’s produced music for talent like Lil Wayne, made music for movies like Despicable Me, and even made me sound like TPAYNE. Vinnie is not your typical rap music producing guy with a home studio, in fact, there is a lot more to Vinnie than meets the eye.

In today’s show, we visit Vinnie’s upscale Gulfport home, have a little wine, listen to some of his music, and do something a little crazy. You won’t want to miss this episode of MS Congeniality.

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