Christina Christian Prepares To Release Debut Album Silent Sea

Christina Christian got her foot in the door with music at a young age, 8 years old to be exact. Her Father was a classic rock kind of guy, who always played guitar, and her Mother listened to Country.  Her parents love of music influenced her growing up and lead to her learning guitar.  Years later, she is now a performer touring across the Gulf Coast and participating in a number of festivals.  Christina is preparing to release her debut album and in hopes of having it featured in a number of film productions on the coast, offered a brief interview to introduce herself to new fans.
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To start off, please just share some information about yourself as a person and things you enjoy outside of music.

I love graphic design, making short videos, and cuddling animals. Also, If there is an opportunity to spread love, I’m all in. 

You’re preparing to put out your first album, but how long have you actually been playing and recording music?

First off, it started with the support of my family, then I went on to choirs, talent shows, etc…Sports medicine would of been my career path, but after crashing the football gator twice back at Foley High, Music became my ultimate goal. Since then, I have been making music for 6 years.

What genres or styles of music can listeners expect from you?

I’ve been hearing “modern day Emmy Lou Harris” ….”The likes of Allison Krauss” …. “The next Bobbie Gentry…minus suddenly disappearing” *smiles*

Describe where you got the inspiration for the album and it’s title.

“Silent Sea” is my debut album featuring 12 original songs. I have hand selected some of my best songs with the help of some of my great cowriters. Not only is the album important to me it is also important to my family of cowriters that have helped me along the way. Hearing these songs come to life will be a dream come true for all of us.

Is there a song on the album that you’d like to share a personal story about?

Yes! “Control” “I wrote this song when I lived in the back of a music store in Foley, AL. College drop out two-years later kind of phase. My approach to writing this song was not formulated by any means, it just happened. Basically, the verses are from a very personal view of how I saw the world growing up, while the chorus is generalized and down to the point that I, Christina Christian, are in some ways a selfish thinker, and my actions stand by it. Before, I complained so many times about how I thought my life sucked….but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Living in America, we are spoiled rotten. I mean you know this, that there are millions, with nothing….. I just had the luxury of complaining about my life, but then I realized that I could CONTROL that. We all have the ability to do whatever we want, the key is to use God’s free will for the purpose of love.

What’s the comparison of playing live for an audience versus in the studio where someone may jam out to your music in their car?

Well, Live performance is where I have more experience, I’ve done close to 1,000 shows while I’ve spent approximately 200 hours in the studio total. Once my single “Quirky Little Thing” starts hitting radio, we shall see if people start jamming out in their cars soon enough!

You had made a statement about individuals working in film utilizing your music for their projects.  Can you elaborate on how they can go about that?

I’m seeking to put any of my music into films. The storylines within my songs on the album would work well with other storylines in film. The album will release in March. I’ll be contacting all you music directors out there!

When can we expect the album to be release and where can it be purchased?

LATE MARCH 2017.  Silent Sea will be released WORLDWIDE on my website, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc…. I will also have CD’s to purchase at my shows!

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