Logan New Teaser Shows Disenchanted Hero

The Logan trailers have left a pretty powerful impact on viewers and built the hype of the film.  Today a new spot titled “Sunseeker” dropped with our favorite clawed mutant filling the role of a disenchanted limo driver, possibly showing odd jobs Logan was forced to take after leaving the X-Men.

The short looks gritty and features a voice mail of Logan, referring to himself as James Howlett, attempting to contact a man about purchasing a boat for $60,000 cash while mentioning he’s not a fan of paperwork.
This teaser is a far cry from the original trailer that set the tone for the entire film.  With stunning visuals that offered a stark comparison to the Old Man Logan comics, fans have great hope that this is the Wolverine movie they’ve always wanted.

Logan, starring Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart, is slated to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.  Jackman has reported this will be his last ride as the Wolverine.
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