Pecan Smoked Pot Roast Sandwich

Rus Jones puts a little spin on a popular recipe on this new segment of Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine.  Never one to disappoint the fans, Rus starts this American classic with time on the Kamodo Joe to allow the pecan smoke to put some flavor in the meat.

Earlier in 2016, the Mississippi Pot Roast recipe went viral when a woman in Ripley, MS shared her grandmother’s recipe switching regular seasonings out for a packet of ranch.  Normally Rus would keep all his ingredients fresh, but the recipe calls for one packet of au jus and one packet of ranch seasoning.  Rus adds to the recipe by taking time to smoke the meat with pecan and infuse extra flavor into the dish and the result is a tasty meal that goes great on any warm Mississippi day, especially in December.

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