Flying South Production Starts Soon

Flying South

Show Synopsis

Flying South is a new production that brings facets of the aviation world right into homes of viewers and future enthusiasts. Each episode will feature new aircraft, related careers, pilot destinations, and restorations in progress. Our Goals are to educate the public about aircraft while entertaining their sense of wonder. We will do this by presenting information in a fun, but useful manner throughout the each episode. We will highlight common episode themes through majestic visuals and real life experiences.


Our cast will include many characters familiar to those in aviation on the Gulf Coast, but all episodes will feature one of our two hosts either on screen or through narration work.

Brent Fontenot started flying in 2005; is a retired military firearms and security instructor experienced in field survival, search and rescue, and emergency medical procedures. Currently holds Deputy Commander position for Pascagoula Civil Air Patrol squadron performing search and rescue operations for state and federal missions. Interests include sharing and introducing aviation experience to all, outdoors activities on land and water, and travel.

Amanda Gallegos is a self-described culture enthusiast who has explored 27 countries and has a continued love for travel. Her 11 yrs Air Force Experience has taught her the value of embracing every moment and learning from everyone who crosses your path. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in International Marketing. She enjoys meeting new people, playing tennis, practicing martial arts, watching football, and will try most anything…at least once.


Flying South will air on the all new WXVO TV Ocean 7. This new station takes over where WKFK, a 30 year staple in the community, left off. Ocean 7 is dedicated to dynamic content and has not only retained the previous viewer base, but is already targeting new markets in the area to expand. The station airs content in HD throughout Jackson County via CableOne, and Jackson,Harrison, and Hancock Counties on AT&T U-verse. Our online market is geared toward viewer interaction and attracting the 18-30 crowd. We’ll employ various facets of social media to distribute our content in appropriate formats that will also highlight our sponsors. It’s been shown that online users are more likely to share shortened clips than a full 30 minute episode.

Production & Sponsorship

In early January the team will go into full swing hashing out all the final logistics in getting the show “off the ground.”  Each episode will be shot with a myriad of cameras, but our main camera of choice is the Canon C100 for it’s reliability, professional audio options, and image quality.  GoPro’s and drone footage will be used throughout the season to show landscapes and production shots for behind the scenes previews.  For those interested in sponsoring the show, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.  We offer several packages gauged toward how involved with the show each sponsor would like to be.

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