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First stage production at age 15, first commercial age 19. At this time also cowboy stunt man at tourist attraction.  At turn of century, lived in New York City where living was made from national/ international commercials, film, and stage. Returned to the south in 2001 at the beginning of “Hollywood South” where I continue to pursue the dream awaiting my turn.


Roots-Major Wimsatt
Zombie Shark-Mr. Steele
Treme-Bobby Don Baxter
USS Indianapolis-Submarine Commander Mario Van Peebles
Gracias-Mr. Davis (Dir) Lisa Arnold
Caged No More-Kostas (Dir) Lisa Arnold
Happy Log-Darryl Ladner (Lead) GaryThieman
G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Commander (Princ.) Jon M.Chu
Letting Go-Pastor John (Lead) Lisa Arnold
Iran Against Us-Agent Focal (Lead) Todd Bullock
I Love You Philip Morris-Neal (featured) Glen Ficarra/ John Requa
Dead of Night-Officer Neal (featured) Kevin Munroe
The Heart of New Orleans-Doctor (featured) Kornai and Shapshak
Just My Luck-Arresting Detective (featured) Donald Petrie
Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons Brad Pitt photo double/ stand- in David Fincher

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