Euphrates “River” Tapp has the uncanny ability to levitate aluminum with his mind. Although his odd telekinetic talent was once a hot novelty, earning him party appearances and paying gigs, he has become a one-trick-horse who is left to develop a bigger “act” and gimmicks to engage with an increasingly apathetic audience. Even River’s family members question the usefulness of his ability, until he is approached by a young woman with an insane request, which could ultimately prove that River’s gift is beyond what even he could have imagined.

Insider Information

Several weeks were spent developing a photorealistic CG can, complete with HDRI environment lighting to match the scenes, with intentions to camera-match and composite all of the floating can shots digitally. In the end, real cans were used in conjunction with magician’s thread rigged to a coat hanger attached to a cordless drill. Only one shot in the film was accomplished with CG.

Although the film presented it in a lighthearted way, there are links between alzheimer’s and aluminum, which is used in many items – from cooking products to deodorant.

The lead actor, Dallas Taylor, was the original vocalist for the band underOath, and later formed the band Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. He started acting only a couple years ago and landed small roles in Blood Type and Joe Dirt 2, among other projects.

Full Cast & Crew

Written, Directed and Produced by Frank Ladner

River -Dallas Taylor
Charlie -Jessy Hughes
Meemaw -Mary Etta Moody
Roland -Mark Forte
Tig -Thomas Burton

Tate Purvis
Jack Purvis
Whitney Purvis
Lawson Lee
Caleb Moore
Hannah Ladner
Tobias Ladner
Benjamin Ladner

Barry Mizell
Katrina Mizell
Bettye Blackwell
Cassandra Blackwell
Myra Sharp

Script Supervisor Janna Ladner
Boom Allen Mann
Photographer Matthew McCoy
Special Thanks

Buddy Moody
Swallowfork Lake & Cabins

Shane Moore
Oak Hill Baptist Church

Myra Sharp
Blueberry Inn

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