Rus Jones

I’m Rus Jones, born and bred here on the Mississippi Coast. I’m a pipe welder by trade, but consider myself a jack of all trades as I have done many things over the years, but the one passion and love I have is cooking. When I was just a young boy, I would hang out in the kitchen as my mother prepared meals and I would study exactly what and how she was doing things. I guess you could say I was her apprentice and she was my mentor. I was a typical boy who loved the outdoors and spent most every weekend camping in our backyard and cooking my own food over a campfire. The love and passion for cooking didn’t die, but instead intensified as I grew older and is a big part of who I am to this day.

I was looking around YouTube one day in the summer of 2012 and stumbled across a cooking video, and that led me to finding many more and I was primarily searching for BBQ related channels. After watching a number of these videos, I instantly knew that I had found something that really anyone could do that knew how to cook. I thought this was an excellent way to share my knowledge and ideas, so I went to reading just how to create a channel and the rest is history. I started this channel just for the love of cooking on July 8th 2012 . I was six months into the channel before I knew you could actually make money with YouTube. Even though I do have all of my videos monetized to help with cost, money was not the driving factor to starting my channel, and never will be, even though it is nice to get a monthly pay check that I can invest back into my channel.

I shoot my videos using two Canon video cameras. One is a Canon Vixia HF G30, and the other is a Canon Vixia HF G40. Occasionally I will also create a third angle on the video using other cameras I have, including a Phantom 4 drone. I use wireless lavaliere microphones for audio. I have two wireless systems that I use. On location here at my home I use my Sennheiser system, and for outdoors, fishing, and camping videos I use my Rode Link wireless system. I shoot all the video in 1080P at 60 FPS for great video quality. I will probably move into the 4K resolution at some point when Internet speeds can meet the demand of these rather large files. Not very practical to use at this time.

My YouTube channel exists as a vessel to teach interested people the art of smoking meats, low & slow BBQ, great southern recipes, and our abundance of fresh seafood is no exception. I’ve more recently have started shooting fishing videos that are more of a “Hook it & Cook it” style video, and my plans are to do more and more of the outdoors type videos as well as camping videos showing how to cook over a campfire and cast iron cooking as well. My goal is to grow my channel and reach as many people as I possibly can that have an interest in these types of educational cooking videos. I have viewers and subscribers from all over the globe, and I get messages, comments and emails from them on a daily basis. I have a fire burning within me to keep stepping up my game and offer people the very best content that I can create within my capabilities.

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