Mr. Dr. Pepper Sniffer


A young man looks to get a quick bite at an establishment, but bites off more than he can chew when a young girl mocks him for sniffing his beverage to check its contents.


  • Alexandra Bujan
  • Lydia Leroy-Williams
  • Frank Acierno
  • Stacie Watts
  • Jackson Miller
  • Christopher Dulworth


Written, directed, and edited by Neil Brimelow, the films was shot in a single night after closing at Darwell’s on a Canon C100.

Insider Information

Mr. Dr. Pepper sniffer was the third film I’ve ever made.  It was filmed in February 2015 at Darwell’s in Long Beach and released in April 2015.  It stars Alexandra Bujan, Lydia Leroy-Williams, Frank Acierno, Stacie Watts, Jackson Miller and Christopher Dulworth.


The short is based off a situation in real life that’s happened to me and probably anyone who’s ever ordered a Dr. Pepper.

We filmed after Darwell’s was closed and the owner Papa D let us stay until very late that night filming.  We got pushed back from our start time because a large group came to eat at the last minute and wouldn’t leave.  Our main star, Alexandra Bujan was nine at the time and I feared her, and her little co-star, Jackson Miller would be worn out, but the reverse happened.  They were both so giddy and hyper they literally ran around the set in between takes.  Alex would ring the giant bell and play with the cash register and Jackson would bounce off the walls like Daffy Duck. J

Everyone was great in their roles.  Frank played a great straight man off of Alex’s “Sammy Jo’s” acerbic wit, and Lydia was great as Sammy Jo’s sassy waitress mother “Roxxy Lynn.”  Jackson steals the scene with his “cool kid,” bit and his real life mom, Stacie Watts can play the mom part really good.

A bit of trivia, Stacie Watts won a contest to sub in for Kathy Lee on “Regis and Kathy Lee.”  She did so great that everyone thought she was the replacement for Kathy Lee!

We tried to dress Chris up as much as David Gahan, the lead singer for Depeche Mode, but Depeche Mode is so old school, not many people probably got that joke. J  Lastly, Alex had a very hard time pronouncing Depeche Mode, which is ironic as the band is named after the French magazine “Fast Fashion,” and Alex is now designing her own line of clothes.

Out of the few movies I’ve made so far, “Mr. Dr. Pepper Sniffer,” has been the most popular, and it was shown at the Sun and Sand Film Festival and the Pearl River Film Festival to a great response.

Alexandra is going to be starring in my next film “Pale Moonlight” which is a horror short.


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