Before The Curtain: Heartbeat of The City


Heartbeat of The City serves as a prologue to the Muller Brother’s City State Chronicles series of films.  In this short we see Quinton Doubleday (Stephen Scott) preparing to give a final address to his theater students while Mr. Platts (Russ O’Niel Clement) pushes him to hurry so that they can see a displeased board of directors afterwards.  Quinton congratulates his students for passing and begins a speech, which then leads into a film showcasing shots of the illustrious fictional city of Stunton.  Quinton presses his students to describe how seeing this makes them feel and then moves on to mention a story his great grandfather told him about the golden age of theater acting as a lead in to the next series of films.


Stephen B Scott is a well known comic book artist famous for his works with Marvel & DC.  His character, Quinton Doubleday, acts as a guide for his students as he hopes to inspire them to look past corporate greed and remember to keep art the focus of their work.  Quinton is just another in a long line of Doubledays to work for the theater as the series reveals over time.


The film was shot on a gh2 and took 3 days.

Insider Information

  • This film was loosely inspired by Before the Curtain Rises, a MS 48 Hour Film Project Elijah directed a year before.
  • Although only three City State Chronicle films were ever produced, there were a total of 9 completed scripts and a book detailing a variety of characters and subplots including Mayday.
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