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Join Johnny Cole, of the Southland Music Line, as he drops in at your favorite music venues to catch up with folks in the industry and takes in some great music.

About Johnny

Johnny Cole has spent a huge part of his life pursuing his dream of searching for great music. Since his first concert on Jan. 20, 1973, in Mobile, Alabama to see Elvis Presley, he knew music would become a major part of his life. During the 1980s-90′s, he lived in New York City and Washington, DC (area), but has since returned home to his Southern Roots (Johnny was born in Gulfport, MS).

Johnny has written articles about the infamous New York City club CBGB and Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ; the bands Lone Justice, The Replacements and the film “Almost Famous” (click here for a list of articles). He has a lasting love for the Athen’s Georgia Music Scene dating back to around 1981 with bands like REM, Pylon, Love Tractor, Flat Duo Jets and more. Also his love for Asbury Park, NJ and the music of Bruce Springsteen has been a major part of his life since the 1970s.

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